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We are the premier destination for maintenance, repairs and performance for your ATV, Side By Side, Motorcycle or Watercraft. Located in New Lexington Ohio we are ready to provide you with trusted service at an affordable price.

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A wide variety of specialty

A full service Motorcycle, UTV and ATV shop. With over 25 years experience servicing and repairing motorcycles, UTVs and ATVs, we are able to get your toys back on the road or trail in a flash. SPC is equipped with the latest tools and equipment for servicing today’s cycles, UTVs  and ATVs. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the area backed by quality service. Discover the difference at SPC!

We work on most makes and models of motorcycles, off-road bikes and ATVs, including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, BMW, and Polaris.

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The Latest From SPC…

SPC would like to thank all of you essential people out there keeping our world going.. For this we plan on discounting anything and everything to you men and women here at SPC. All you have to do is stop in, call in with your needs starting today 03/24/2020. I will give a small list of things we can offer you here at SPC..

Great discounts on the following stuff as long as our suppliers can get it to us.

-Any brand of car & truck tires
-Motorcycle, atv & utv tires
-Discounts on mount and balance to all of you.. Going a step further and giving "FREE Mount & Balance" to all medical people to help save them some money. I know exactly what you are doing is great and I'm trying to give back to you when I can..

We will also offer all truck drivers discounts on anything they may need from us to keep them going.. I know a lot of people who only rely on their motorcycles to get them everywhere and we are here to help the best we can..

If we can help anyone out in a pitch here at SPC we will do so. You will need to call us at 740-343-4150. The front door is locked to keep people out but we are here doing our thing for those that need us to.. We will keep our distance from you and appreciate you do the same for us. We can all get through this if we work together..

Thanks, SPC ...

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This has to be the craziest thing I have ever done with my business since starting it over 10 years ago.. I'm closing my doors to all my great customers during the busiest part of the year.. This is for my family and my friends families. I don't care what your views are on this because everyone has their own opinion. I have to take this serious to protect the ones I love.. Even if I think this is hyped up more than it should be but If anything were to happen to any of them then this shop would not continue anyways. My family is very important to me..

So here is the deal.. I'm here working. If you want to buy something then feel free to come to the door. Get your cell phone out and call in your take out order. We take all forms of credit cards over the phone. We also will take your debit/credit/cash in person.. Same thing goes for units being dropped off or picked up.. Call us when you get here and we will take your payment through the door and then pull your bike out for you.. Pretty easy stuff..

Orders are still being placed daily and hoping that continues. Please keep looking at our page here and we will update it as needed.

We will see how this goes and may change it up some to make is work for us..

Thanks, SPC ...

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SPC is selling the hell out of these new Michelin Crusier & Touring motorcycle tires this spring.. Come check them out and get great deals on tires and spring tune ups!!

We service all makes and models! ...

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ATTENTION!!!!! Please read all of this.

SPC will be closing it's doors to the public at 6:00PM Friday 03/20/2020.. We will be closed until all this is over and life is back to normal..

NOTE! As long as I can come into shop and turn wrenches I will be doing that. I have enough work to keep me busy for several weeks to several months.. This does not mean your bike or parts are being held hostage.. If I'm here at the shop and you are aloud on the streets then I will continue to do business with you as long as you stay outside of my business..

I'm doing this for two reasons.. There are people in my life that don't need to get sick if this is truly happening.. I'm still up in the air on all this. However I do value the lives of my family and friends.. 99% of all my customers I consider to be friends.

I also want to keep you guys safe from possibly catching this from myself.. My wife works everyday around this stuff at a big doctors office. YES, they have had to send people for testing of the Corona Virus. As of this morning all tests have came back negative. My wife is taking precautions at work and at home to not pass this to our family. However I'm the type that feels like if my wife or kids catch this stuff then I'm catching it because I have their backs 100% and I'm going to be by their side and take care of them 100%.

So everyone here can make a decision for themselves on how they want to continue with their daily lives..

We are taking the steps we need to take here at SPC and in our personal lives. I hope you all stay safe and this all ends soon.

So if you need something for your motorcycle, atv, utv or whatever. Get it today or tomorrow because I believe Ohio will be shut down very soon.. If Ohio does not get shut down then I will be ordering parts everyday like I normally do. If we can work we will be here working but you will have to stay outside.. Pretty simple.

Also, I will continue to keep customers updated here on our facebook page as to what we are doing. ...

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